Women’s Empowerment Through Financial Literacy: IWD 2021 Special

IWD 2021

This year Women’s Day theme is Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world

Financial literacy in women:

Literacy is the tool that helps most to fight for our rights- Finacial literacy let you know how someone can live life, freely and being financially independent

Lets pledge to make financially literate to every girl child and women

#Choose to challenge

 I thought I’ll talk about that today so what is choose to challenge and why is it is important, it is important  because somehow we have become accustomed to accept, accept everything that comes in life the way it is, we accept what education rights we have been provided with or deprived of, we accept the fact that the career choices are being made by someone else, we accept that our life partners have been chosen by someone else, 

We accept the unwelcoming and unpleasant behavior of our family despite knowing that we deserve better, we accept the brutality of the society, we accept the biases of the patriarchal society, we accept sexism, racism, and economic inequality, we accept denial of equal opportunity, we accept being victimized in the hands of misogyny,

We accept being body shamed and being objectified, we accept our own vulnerability we give our own dreams for others, we accept and believe that we are not equal or better to men and this acceptance has turned its  shape into compromise,

We learn to compromise with everything in our life, this stereotyped behavior friends needs to be changed right now, it needs to be challenged and must be changed, challenge everything that doesn’t seem right challenge everything that should be forced upon, 

Challenge everything that hurts your dignity and your self respect, challenge everything that demean your self-confidence  challenge biases and inequalities whether it is at home or work place,

challenge everything that you have been deprived of whether it is your right to education your right to read your right to take your own decisions your right to voice out your opinion, all yours rights to live feely and liberally like any being in the world, challenge everything, challenging something friends is the first step to change, so lets all challenge 

I raise my hand high and I choose to challenge, I raise my hand for empowering myself and their entire women across the world, and I urge you to do that as well,

Raise your hand high and choose to change

Empower women, celebrated their achievement, let them grow, protect their dignity, respect them and nurture them with care, let each girl grow to become achiever of  own dreams, remember friends girls with big dreams grow up to become women with great vision and  

choose to challenge, is not only about women it is for everyone and anyone who has been deprived who has been forced upon who has been pushed upon and not allowed to practice their rights,  so this is the time to challenge all of that hence I say “choose to challenge”

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