Seeds Fincap Private Limited

Seeds  Fincap Private  Limited is an unlisted private limited company, incorporated on 15th November 2019 with an authorized share capital of 20500000 and paid-up capital of 20450000 

Seeds  Fincap Private Limited is a non-government company, register at the registrar of the company Delhi.

Company Details: Seeds  Fincap Private Limited


Company name-Seeds  Fincap Private Limited

Company status-Active

ROC-RoC Delhi

Registration number

Company category-Company limited by shares


Type- Unlisted private company

Company sub-category- non-government company

Class of the company- Private

Activity- other financial intermediation 

Incorporation date-15-11-2019

Major business-Financial services and financial intermediation

Number of members- Np data available

Number of directors-No data available

Authorized share capital-INR 20500000 

Paid-up share capital- INR 20450000 

Number of employees-No data available

Listing status-Unlisted

Date of Annual General Meeting-N/A

Financial reports-Not available 

Profit and loss status-Not available

Directors of Seeds Fincap Private Limited:

Subhash Chandra Acharya-Appointment date- 15th November 2019

Avishek Sarkar

Monika and others

The longest-serving director currency on board is Subhash Chandra Acharya who was appointed on 15 November 2019, they have been on the board for more than a year, the most recent appointed director  is Avishek  Sarkar appointed on 4th May 2020

Seeds  Fincap Private Limited Vacancy

Currently, there is no vacancy at seeds Fincorp Private Limited, we will update if any vacancy reported by the company  on  its website

Seeds  Fincap Private Limited address

F-21 Malka Ganj Delhi  North Delhi  India

Office address of Seeds  Fincap Private Limited

F-21 Malka Ganj Delhi  North Delhi  India

Annual General Meeting of Seeds  Fincap Private Limited

As per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, no Annual General Meeting reported  till date

Business of Seeds  Fincap Private Limited

 As per reports, the main business of the company is financial services and financial intermediation

Listing Status of Seeds  Fincap Private Limited

 As of now Seeds fincap Private Limited is not listed on any stock exchange

Official Website of Seeds  Fincap Private Limited

Not reported  yet

Financial report of  ofSeeds  Fincap Private Limited

No data available yet


Mr Subhash Chandra Acharya is alumni of Institute of rural management Jaipur, he completed his is PGDM from institute of rural management Jaipur in 2008 after completing PGDM he join SKS Microfinance Private Limited in April 2008 and  work till January 2012 with SKS 

Subhash Chandra Aacharya join Satin creditcare network limited on June 2013 and worked till March  2016

In October 2016 Subhash Chandra chandra Acharya joined Satya microfinance Limited as Head of operations and walk with Satya still December 2019

Shubhash started his own company Seeds fincap Private Limited with the help of few other colleague in January 2020 

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